For Wine Lovers

Are you a Wine Lover or aficionado?
Are you sitting in a Wine Bar sipping a good wine and want to know more about it or create a personal database of your favorite wines?
WineTerminal is the solution for you! With just a few clicks you can access all the important information about any wine, even on your Smartphone or tablet. And, what’s more, WineTerminal is free!
On WineTerminal it is possible to discover everything about any wine: where the grapes are grown, how the wine is produced, information about the winery, the vintage, accurate technical data and tasting notes provided by other users. After you have tasted the wine you can also express your opinion, briefly or in greater detail: this judgment will help you to remember the wine you have tasted and will also be useful to other users when they are selecting a wine. WineTerminal informs you about wine events and tastings, too. All this information is free!
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